Exhibition 2024: Disaster! Are you ready?

May 29, 2024

Exhibition 2024: Disaster! Are you ready?

On a hot summer afternoon, the weather forecast calls for heavy thunderstorms. The treetops sway relentlessly in the wind. And CRAAAK! Lightning strikes the maple tree at the far end of the yard, a branch snaps and cuts the electrical wires. And BZZZT! Power failure. But for how long?

You're probably familiar with this scenario. You remain calm, because you've seen it all before. But what if the situation persists for more than an hour, a day or a few days? Are you ready to deal with it?

The Sutton Museum wants to help. The exhibition “Disaster! Are you ready?” addresses the roles and responsibilities of the authorities, but also and above all the art of being well prepared individually and as a family.

From June 16 to October 14, visit the Sutton Museum to learn tips and discover how to organize emergency response. On June 15, the museum will be open to members only for the exhibition opening.

This year, the Sutton Museum will be open daily from noon to 5pm, from June 16 to October 14, 2024 and will present the thematic exhibition
Disaster! Are You Ready?

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